We are all Human and we all make Mistakes!

We all make Mistakes!

And you know what? It’s OK.

Today I noticed a mistake at about 1215 that took me a few hours to sort out. It was frustrating to say the least. 

I told myself all sorts of things that didn’t help me emotionally in the moment.

But guess what? 

I sorted it all out. It will cost me a small amount of money but everything else will be OK. No one was hurt; it’s only me that will have a bit of a change in my plans. In the long run nothing else will be effected.

and in the end, it will be forgotten about until I next read this blog post!

My mistake, just for my sake in the future, was to book my return flight from Dubai back to London on the wrong day. I intended to book a flight after 4pm but that wasn’t available so I looked on the airline website and saw they had a 0225 flight in the morning. That would work perfectly I thought. And so I booked it.

I made my plans around that booking which worked perfectly for me. I would finish work with my client at around 2pm, would have an afternoon and evening to see Dubai and then would head to the airport and fly home at 0225. Back for 0625 to London and home by 9am to see my family…

All sounded great.

And then today I checked my flights to confirm my airport parking…

Instead of booking 0225 the following morning I had booked 0225 on the morning I finished the course with my client… therefore I was due to fly home 24 hours BEFORE I intended! Doh!

It wouldn’t have been a major problem if I could just change my flight.. but the flights were full and the next available was £1090 more expensive!

When I noticed this I immediately went into a bit of emotional shock. 

“How could I have been so stupid!; How did I make such a simple mistake? you Fool!”

After a number of checks online I chose to ring the airline. The told me the same as I had found online. There was a huge jump in price plus a fee to change.

But then an amazing thing happened… the lady I was speaking too said, “Hold on a minute, let me check with my manager…”

And with that she asked some questions and came back on the line to confirm that in this instance they wouldn’t charge the fee to change the flight and could get me on a flight home in the afternoon the following day.

I was relieved. That lovely lady, Anushka, had saved me money and helped me out.

I paid the fee and all was sorted.

But I still was emotionally beating myself up repeating the same “How could I have been so stupid!; How did I make such a simple mistake? you Fool!”

Something had to change. 

I later had a coaching session with my coach, Anne.

She helped me put things in perspective. She helped me rationalise that we all make Mistakes! It was only an admin error and everything had now been sorted (well almost, I just now need to confirm another night in a hotel!)

She helped me also look on the ‘bright side’ (my words not hers) I could now have an evening relaxing in Dubai and have a morning to do what ever I chose. All was OK.

She also helped to understand that, in business and in life, some things never go to plan, and that’s ok.

We must all be prepared for things to go wrong at some stage. If we do that we can put our energy into our life and not dwell on the mistakes we make – for mistakes are normal. As long as we (I) learn from our mistakes we can move forwards safe in the knowledge that all is OK. After all ‘people do that best they can with the resources they have.’

And for that I am truly grateful.

Thank you Anne and Anushka at BA.

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