It’s two weeks and plenty of networking sessions since the last post – last Friday I went along to the Spyda VIP networking session at the Hyatt on Portman Square. I like this group – it’s not produced any business for me yet but there is a quality about the people that attend that make it different. Claude did a good job getting a few more guests in for the meeting so the room had a good buzz about it.

I always learn something from this group – this time it was all about filling your marketing pipeline from zero upwards. This means not just focusing on the sales you make at your optimum price, but looking at what you can do between zero and your typical project price. Let me explain…if your typical project price is £5000 then you probably go looking for projects where there is a high probability that you will win work at this level. But what about all that value you could provide to your clients, and prospects upto this level.

* what can you give away for free that is of VALUE to people?
* what can you sell at a low purchase price that is of VALUE
* what additional items can you sell at higher prices that provide even more value to your clients and prospects?

How many people have thought about this before – you win business from people you know, like and trust. And what better way to gain trust over time than to actually give away some of your knowledge! Wow – that’s powerful!

How much knowledge do you give away for FREE – NOTHING – absolutely zero! I’ll bet that not many of you do this.

In essence I think that this is the real element that makes networking work.

If I continually go along to a networking group and take – as plenty of people do – just look at your average Business Ref/ Networking group – they are full of needy desperate people who only want to take.

So ask yourself two questions before you go to your next networking session:

– what can I GIVE AWAY to the group, or an individual F.o.C!
– How can I build trust with the people in the room?

Because if you’re not building trust then you’re certainly not going to benefit long term from the networks you create.

Have a great networking week, I look forward to hearing how it went in the future


Last Modified on November 4, 2019
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