Let’s start now…

All you need is one hour a week. Just one.

I will work with you to make more of the time you have. As you clear more space in your diary, we’ll be able to focus on what’s important:

• How to grow your company so it still matters to you ten years from now and life becomes even more rewarding.
• How to create a vision of the future which will inspire your teams because it’s so clear. They can almost touch it. Smell it. Sense it.
• How to create the strategy that will get you there. The route-map to that ideal future.

What I draw on to support you.

I began my career as an engineer, working at Rolls-Royce. I soon became fascinated by business management: how groups of people structure themselves to drive an enterprise forward. For more than two decades I have focused on successful companies and senior people, working with them to get themselves and their businesses to an even better place.

I combine two distinct approaches to achieve this:

As an executive coach I enable leaders and their managers to realise they can do things differently and better.

Then as a facilitator, specialising in business strategy, I work with them to put the framework in place to help them grow the company, with everyone in the management team doing what they do best.

While my fascination for business drew me away from engineering, my early direction still frames my approach to coaching and facilitation. Thanks to engineering, I am constantly amazed by the creativity of the human mind – how pretty much everything around us has been shaped by its ingenuity and imagination. That same creativity is at your disposal, to take you and your business to an even better place. You just need the right space in which to think it through and bring it to life.

I’d love to work alongside you to do just that. Contact me now at +44 771 283 1775. (Don’t your best ideas come when you’re nowhere near your office? Let’s see what happens when we meet for a chat.)