With the summer holidays now over and the Olympic games closed this last week has been the time for the World’s Paralympians to take the stage in London. Tonight has been billed as the ‘Blue Riband’ event night – the mens T54 800 metres and the mens T44 100m finals. Events run by men on blades and in specially designed racing wheelchairs.

Today has also seen Hannah Cockcroft win the womens T34 200metres and Sarah Storey win her 4th gold (and now David Weir wins the 800m and Jonny Peacock win the 100m finals after two ‘false’ starts). I sit and watch these young athletes in amazement. Amazment for many things – the athletic ability of all these inspirational men and women; their determination and the comaraderie they all display. I don’t think many people ever expected the paralympics to be so amazing. It’s been compelling viewing. All the athletes can be justifiably proud of their achievements. I don’t think I’ve ever had so many emotional days and nights as I have had watching these games. Every day I am further amazed. Well done to everyone who made these games so wonderful. This is what life is about. Thank you!

Last Modified on November 4, 2019
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