Neworking for success

I’ve just returned from a morning networking meeting – I’ve been to many of these over the last few years – some are useful , some are dull, some lack energy – this one added to my knowledge and to that of the whole group (I hope).

Networking is one of those things that many business people do as a way of developing their business. The emphasis here is on THEIR BUSINESS. Those people that actually succeed at using networking to develop their business do so by helping other people develop theirs first.

I must admit it took me some time to realise this – I was one of those who first went networking to win business – and was frustrated because my network group was doing anything for me. But now I know what I was doing wrong – I was always trying to take!

It’s a simple lesson but one that needs to be learned quickly if you are to succeed in the world of small and large business.

To get technical Emerson wrote something similar to this in his laws of compensation – – in this one thing he said was “Give and it shall be given you”. This applies very well to business and especially t networking – the more you give, the more you get.

So, this morning I felt that the group all gave more and so ultimately, I believe will get more.

Have an outstanding day – how can you give more – you never know what it might bring back.

2 thoughts on “Neworking for success

  1. Yes, I enjoyed the meeting too and found it valuable.

    Quality business networking is a powerful way to develop a small business.


  2. Hi – good meeting – well done to all!! Roma Geisler and Bruce Bradley likley to come over next week from the Denham Group.

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