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This morning’s REFER-ON meeting made me think! And at 7am that’s pretty impressive.

We all spend time and money going out, meeting people and generally networking. But how much time and money do we spend actually marketing our businesses – I mean real marketing. I know some of you get it, but others don’t – me included.

When I set up my business I had wonderful ideas about how I would promote what I did – and I should have done as I had just spent 4 years in a marketing and PR agency. But the fact is I only did the basics – I networked with other business people and I developed my website (on my own I might add). I didn’t make time for the other marketing because I was ‘busy’ and wanted to ‘do it myself!)

Now, three and a half years later I have developed a good network with small and medium size business owners. I have a great reputation with my clients, but, and here’s the problem, I haven’t yet managed to build my relationships up outside of my networking groups – I haven’t actually marketed myself or my business.

So, what can I do?

The answer: do what I had planned to do (and more) four years ago.

And that’s what this morning’s meeting made me think: how many ways are there for a small (but ambitious and growing business) to generate awareness of what it does. There are hundreds of ways – we just need to be creative, and (dare I say it – talk to the experts).

So, let’s keep up the networking BUT look at how networking fits into the overall plan for marketing your business – after all it is just one of the tools in the box.

(If you have ideas and tips on marketing that have worked for you please let me know).

good luck with promoting your business – let me know what’s worked and what needs improvement.

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