Why Ignium, Why Purpose and Why Kerry and Phil

I am passionate about helping people develop themselves AND I am determined to make the business world a more motivating and fun place to be for employees because I know that when purpose and passion collide businesses become more profitable (and fun).

I have worked for myself since 2004. When I set out on my own originally, I had no real idea what I was doing but I knew WHY I was doing it. I wanted to create a better environment for me and my family. I knew I could achieve more building my own business than ‘just’ working for someone else. It wasn’t about money it was about life (style). We had our first child and in 2005 our second was born and I wanted to be flexible in my work, so I could spend time with them and Claire.

I realised that I was good at standing up and presenting. I could pick things up pretty quickly so could be ‘thrown into’ any environment and look like I knew what I was doing – even if below the surface I felt like I was paddling frantically to stay up!

In my early days working for myself I built up a portfolio of services – I quickly developed a skill as a trainer able to stand up in front of a room and help people develop. In parallel I found a passion for ‘strategy’ and started to market myself as a ‘Strategic Facilitator’. I developed a style of facilitation that was part coaching and part consulting and part facilitation. I wasn’t a typical consultant in that I didn’t profess to have all the (any) answers.

I also found myself coaching individuals – although at the time didn’t call it coaching – it was simply development.

During my early days I adopted a mindset of wanting to continue to develop myself, in the way I had been encouraged in my early years at Rolls-Royce. There Personal Development Plans, psychometrics and progression were key to people development. In my own company I allocated money every year to my own learning in the knowledge it would help me better work with my clients.

So, why purpose?

One of my first big clients was a company called Volac. I worked with the MD, James, to help him and his board create their strategic plans for 2006-2010. A key chunk of this work involved helping them establish their WHY. For them, as a family business Purpose was key. One of the books I read again at this time was ‘Built to Last’. (I first read this as part of my MBA in 2001). It opened my eyes to the fact that to build a truly successful business people MUST come first. And to do this the Purpose of the business must ignite people’s passion!

Over time my strategy and training business developed a successful strategic process that takes people on a journey, piece by piece to build an executable plan for each business I worked with.

However, I also saw the impact of business leaders paying lip service to both purpose and strategy AND to culture. Many people talk a good game but fail to deliver. I worked in a business built on culture from 2010 to 2018. The key message from this company was that it took:

  • 6 minutes to copy to IP
  • 6 months to copy the systems
  • And 6 years to copy the culture.

The downfall for this business, after 17 years, was bringing in a group of shareholder investors who didn’t buy into the culture – they simply saw it as a vehicle to make money. And that’s where the story ended for that business. But the core ‘ideology’ still existed (exists) within those who worked with the business – ‘to change people’s lives’. So, the culture and purpose originally conceived was ‘right’. Long term execution was where it ‘failed’ as a business.

For this next stage of my business and personal journey I want to help more people break free of the limiting beliefs that hold them in place. I want to enable people in business (and elsewhere) to live their best lives ever. I want to enable business leaders and owners to grow to achieve what they want and are truly capable of. Too many people are ‘stuck’ because they don’t realise they have choices about how they live their lives. This is partly because they don’t know how to change or what to change. And too many people running businesses have failed to create great places to work for great people because they don’t know how to do it or don’t make time to think how to do it.

I know that by connecting the true purpose of a business to the people it employs people everywhere will be more willing to give their all for that cause. I am not talking charity. In ‘Built to Last’ one of the things that struck me early on was a quote from a Ford executive…” … it was decided that people should absolutely come first [products second and profit third].” Many companies do say this but those that execute on it will always succeed in producing a greater return long term.

So why Ignium.

To progress towards my own intent (purpose) of INSPIRING people and ‘helping people achieve what they are truly capable of’ I want to influence as many lives as possible. The joint venture with Kerry can help me do this in a bigger way. My values are Passion, Respect and Integrity followed by two secondary values of Determination and Enthusiasm. (PRIDE). I believe Kerry shares similar values to me (although not necessarily the same). In our discussions over several years I believe that Kerry’s work is about helping business leaders develop the talent of their teams. Through Jarred Consulting Kerry has the scope to work across may organisations. She also has a passion for purpose. So, for me the 1+1 = 3 rule applies. I know I can deliver great results for business leaders willing to invest in their people through creating strategies that link directly to purpose. With Kerry’s input we can transform the thinking of many more businesses AND provide support for those businesses to execute what they plan to do. Thus, enabling more people to achieve what they are truly capable of .

#1: by agreeing our own purpose as a business

#2: by being open and honest with each other as we work

#3: by realising we don’t have all the answers but by being open to developing new ways

#4: by understanding and respecting each other’s values

#5: by respecting each others’ input to each interaction we have

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