how long is too long?

It’s almost 5 years since I last sat down to write a post here… what a lot has happened in that time. back in 2007 when I last posted we were almost five years from London 2012 – and here we are now almost at the end. These Olympic games have been a great time for me to reflect on the past and enthuse about the future. I reflect on the past when I think back to where I was on the day the games were annouced. I was in London on a sales course with my friend Marcus. I was only 4 or so years into my personal business journey.

Now, in August 2012 I have put another 5 years onto that journey. Back then i set some goals for my business, and for my personal life, much like many of the athletes in the Olympics in London 2012 did one year later in Beijing 2008.

I am pleased to say I have achieved most of my personal goals in that time. For example I set out to run the london marathon in 2008 and did so. I then ran another 3 marathons over the next three years and this year finished it in 3 Hours 26 minutes. Not a world beating time, but for me it was the culmination of many miles training. It was also the achievement of one of my goals – to run 26 miles 385 yards in under 3 hours 30 minutes.

I wrote that down. I developed a plan to get me there. I followed the plan. And I delivered.

Doing it against myself was the easy bit. I had only my self and a clock to beat.

Those great athletes in today’s Olympic Games have not just their own PB to achieve but also they have the chance of beating other athletes who are out to win and that’s when things get a little tougher.

In business it’s just the same. we can set ourselves personal targets or we can set world beating targets. The choice of what to go for is down to the business and its’ owner. All we then need to do is follow the plan.

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