Working on the business and not in it…

Earlier this year, Michael O’Dwyer at City A.M[1]. reported that more than 216,000 new businesses were registered in the greater London area in the last 12 months, a 6.45% increase on 2017. Furthermore, the number of new companies registered across the whole country in the last year rose by 5.7% to over 660,000. A record […]

We are all Human and we all make Mistakes!

We all make Mistakes!And you know what? It’s OK.Today I noticed a mistake at about 1215 that took me a few hours to sort out. It was frustrating to say the least. I told myself all sorts of things that didn’t help me emotionally in the moment.But guess what? I sorted it all out. It will cost […]


With the summer holidays now over and the Olympic games closed this last week has been the time for the World’s Paralympians to take the stage in London. Tonight has been billed as the ‘Blue Riband’ event night – the mens T54 800 metres and the mens T44 100m finals. Events run by men on blades and […]

how long is too long?

It’s almost 5 years since I last sat down to write a post here… what a lot has happened in that time. back in 2007 when I last posted we were almost five years from London 2012 – and here we are now almost at the end. These Olympic games have been a great time […]

marketing methods

This morning’s REFER-ON meeting made me think! And at 7am that’s pretty impressive. We all spend time and money going out, meeting people and generally networking. But how much time and money do we spend actually marketing our businesses – I mean real marketing. I know some of you get it, but others don’t – […]


It’s two weeks and plenty of networking sessions since the last post – last Friday I went along to the Spyda VIP networking session at the Hyatt on Portman Square. I like this group – it’s not produced any business for me yet but there is a quality about the people that attend that make […]

Neworking for success

I’ve just returned from a morning networking meeting – I’ve been to many of these over the last few years – some are useful , some are dull, some lack energy – this one added to my knowledge and to that of the whole group (I hope). Networking is one of those things that many […]