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Phil Rose is a Professional Certified Coach PCC with the ICF
Phil Rose is a Professional Certified Coach PCC with the ICF

We help you Scale your engineering business.

Phil Rose is a Certified Scaling Up Coach
Scaling Up Certified Coach

Be even better. Coaching for you. Strategy for your business. Let’s start now.

I’ve worked with successful businesses for more than 20 years. When you’re leading one, it’s tempting to feel you need to do everything, all the time. There’s a buzz about it.

But what I’ve seen is this. You and your business will thrive when you step back and give your mind space to think deeply about what you want from life and work. Then you’ll become clear about what really matters to you. You’ll see what you’re best at because you enjoy it.
You’ll want to focus on that. So you’ll make space for other talented people to take on all those urgent things filling your diary. Which means you can concentrate on what is important, in work and outside it. The important things that make your life rewarding, fill you with energy and turn you into an even better leader. (And when you make space for smart colleagues to do what they do best, they thrive as well and you have a business that grows really easily.)

It sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s amazing how productive you become when you give your mind the space to roam and kick the leaves.

Let’s start now.

All you need is one hour a week. Just one.

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